Atomos has been busy. Who can blame them? With NAB just under a week away, it’s no surprise to see the release of a few new products in their, already brilliant, line of monitoring/recording devices. Just a year ago Atomos announced their new ProRES RAW codec. An announcement that essentially stole the show at last year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. If I remember correctly, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K was the only other product that really had people talking. Now it looks like both companies are at it again. Blackmagic Design releasing their Ursa Mini 4.6K Pro G2 just a few weeks ago. In recent weeks Atomos has also been announcing several new products to their lineup that already have people excited.

Let’s begin with the Atomos Shinobi monitor. A 5.2” monitor-only device that packs a punch. At only $399, this monitor is already making big waves. With a touchscreen display that is 1000nits bright and has a resolution of 1920×1080. AtomHDR mode that has up to 10 stops of Dynamic Range. Supports a variety of LOG formats. The Shinobi is also powered via a single L-Series battery, in addition to AC power of course. This HDMI monitor is actually Atomos’ first monitor-only device in their lineup. As a lover of external monitors for my cameras, I had the same question as other filmmakers; Will they be releasing an SDI version of this monitor? I’ll settle for some sort of SDI adaptor. Thankfully, Atomos heard our questions and gave us answers. That’s right, plural.

Enter the Shinobi SDI. Take everything we already know about the lovely and affordable Shinobi HDMI monitor and add some SDI jacks. Okay so it’s not exactly the same. The price tag on this one is $499. But seriously, for just $100 extra, you can have the security of SDI inputs that most professionals know and love. By the way, you will still have the option of having the 4K HDMI inputs on this monitor as well.

“But Ariel, what if I want to record on my small 5” monitor via SDI jacks. The Ninja-V that was released last year does not have the capabilities of doing this.” You would be right. However, Atomos has just announced their new AtomX SDI Module for the Ninja-V. Capable of receiving a professional 4K SDI signal. Atomos has answered both previous questions with a big fat “YES”. I would say the ONLY complaint I have about this new AtomX SDI Module is that the Ninja-V does not record RAW. I know, I feel like a brat with that complaint seeing how Atomos has continued to give us the tools to continue making our art at amazingly affordable prices.

With all these new products, you would think that Atomos will now sit back and watch as many NAB Show goers gather around their booth. But that’s not the case. Atomos had just one more major announcement and release for this year’s NAB Show.

Today, Atomos has announced their new Atomos Shogun 7. An upgrade to the, already popular, Shogun Inferno. I myself am an owner of the Shogun Inferno. I absolutely love my Inferno as it gives me amazing monitoring and recoding capabilities. Although the recording capabilities are about the same on both monitors, the real upgrade is in the display. The Shogun 7 has improved HDR capabilities. Going by the name of “HDR Pro”. HDR has been increasingly popular for the past several years. Atomos was among the first to begin introducing this technology in their monitors/recorders. HDR Pro is now a major improvement to the already-popular HDR tech. Atomos is claiming to have a 1,000,000,000:1 Contrast ration with Zone Backlight. That is a lot of zeros! The new Shogun 7 also has the capabilities of LIVE switching. You can record and switch between four 1080p signals at up to 60fps. That is quite beautiful! Atomos continuing to push the limits of what a simple external monitor/recorder can do.

I will not be surprised if Atomos steals the show again at this year’s NAB Show. As a filmmaker, I really do appreciate companies that truly listen to their customers and provide easy solutions at affordable prices. That being said, I cannot wait to see what other companies have up their sleeves at this year’s NAB Show.

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