My friends Matt “Who Is Matt” Johnson, and Peter Fowler join me on this episode for a conversation of our favorite gear that we noticed at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. It was awesome getting to meet them both in person for the first time. This is now the second year that I get to enjoy the NAB Show and it seems like it just gets better. Meeting all my favorite influencers in one place. By the way, they’ve all agreed to come on the show for a conversation. Be on the lookout for that 🙂 . Another benefit of attending the NAB show is to check out the awesome new equipment that all the companies are releasing. This is a secondary priority for me at this point. If it wasn’t for the networking, I don’t know that the gear releases alone are enough to get me out there for a few days. Especially considering that fact that it’s about a 5 hour flight each way from Miami.

Matt “Who Is Matt” Johnson

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Peter Fowler, Endure Films

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