For many of us, finding the “right” clients can often be a struggle. I know I’ve always had issues in this area of my career. Even till this day, I admit that finding the correct clients for my line of work can often times become a bit tricky. Asking the right questions is usually how you can guide yourself into figuring out if a client is good for you or not. In our career, we have different seasons. Those that are starting off are probably looking at any potential client as the “right” client at any given time. Basically any job that lands on your lap, you’re taking simply for lack of other options. This has been the case for most of us, if not all. I know I started by taking any and all jobs that came my way. But that is simply not the case anymore. In fact, I know that these days I find myself refusing certain jobs simply because they do not fit the scope of my work and/or rate. The right client for the right price is what we’re all looking for, always. But as you’ll hear me mention on this episode, that tends to be significantly easier said than done.

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