How do you decide which ONE lens is the one that you cannot be without. This almost seems like an impossible decision to make. Or is it? I define “the one” as the lens that I simply allows my to continue with my work regardless of the situation or situations that might arise. To me, that is the Canon 24-105 f/4. In this episode, I discuss why this lens is go-to, all-around, and most versatile lens in my kit.

RED Hydrogen phone explained Marques Brownlee on the YouTube MKBHD Channel.


*Deadline August 6th

Top 3 Entries will win a Rode VideoMicro On Camera Microphone Courtesy of RodeMics.

  1. Interview a random friend. Try and find a specific story that you’d like to tell about them.
  2. Record both sides of the conversation. You can also use one camera and have both the interviewer & interviewee in the same shot.
  3. Submit your link entires to FILMSCHOOLIG@GMAIL.COM.

Winners will be announced on August 7th. Can’t wait to see your submissions!

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