I think most of us can agree that we love to travel. As filmmakers we always want to capture our traveling and make a cool video out of it. In doing so, however, sometimes that means having that sense that you’re still working and not fully enjoying your vacation. We’re discussing traveling videos and how we shoot them. What to look for and how to tell that story.

Ariel’s “July 4th” Travel Video

Storytelling in Travel Videos

Here’s a video created for “What is a Man?” ministry on a trip to Grand Cayman. You can see the direction taken with regards to storytelling in the initial shots as the video begins. I choose to display the journey before the main event and also on the closing shoots of the sunset. These shots gave the video a storytelling aspect of beginning and ending. Placing random shots in a video would basically keep your viewers wondering “why am I watching this?”. You want to take them on a journey. This applies to basically all films and videos.

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