Having an optimized camera setup is essential to have an effective day of shooting. When my camera is not getting in my way, then I can focus all of my efforts in simply grabbing all of the necessary shots for that particular job. I think any filmmaker will tell you that same. As a documentary shooter, my setup includes a run-and-gun aspect to it. So I always shoot to maintain my setup light, yet effective. I never want to compromise quality or resolution. Unfortunately this sometimes means that I’ll need a slightly heavier setup to obtain my higher quality shots. For example, Attaching my Odyssey 7q+ is what gives me much higher quality, but that means I’ll need the added 7″ monitor on my rig. In order to power that monitor/recorder, I could have an additional battery on the back of that monitor/recorder, however, I’ve decided to use the D-Tap out from my Swit batteries, that already power my FS5, to power that monitor. Yes, it reduces the juice of those batteries much faster, but I keep my rig nice and light. So I maintain several of those batteries ready to go at all times. I have flirted with the idea of having nice V-mounts power both my camera and monitor, but that’ll result in a much heavier rig. So basically it’s either longer battery and heavier rig, OR more battery swapping and lighter rig. I choose the latter. Anyways, this is just a quick demo of how I make decisions for my rig all the time.


*Deadline August 6th

Top 3 Entries will win a Rode VideoMicro On Camera Microphone Courtesy of RodeMics.

  1. Interview a random friend. Try and find a specific story that you’d like to tell about them.
  2. Record both sides of the conversation. You can also use one camera and have both the interviewer & interviewee in the same shot.
  3. Submit your link entires to FILMSCHOOLIG@GMAIL.COM.

Winners will be announced on August 7th. Can’t wait to see your submissions. 

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