Chris Ray is a California-based filmmaker specializing in skateboarding films. Skateboarding films are a unique sector of the industry. I personal love watching them for their distinct shots and creative angles that are needed to capture the brazen performances of these athletes. Chris gives us his insight in on shooting skateboard films. In addition to how he got started in the film industry, which is quite interesting.

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*Deadline August 6th

Top 3 Entries will win a Rode VideoMicro On Camera Microphone Courtesy of RodeMics.

  1. Interview a random friend. Try and find a specific story that you’d like to tell about them.
  2. Record both sides of the conversation. You can also use one camera and have both the interviewer & interviewee in the same shot.
  3. Submit your link entires to FILMSCHOOLIG@GMAIL.COM.

Winners will be announced on August 7th. Can’t wait to see your submissions. 

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