So I was in the market for a good sturdy slider. Not just any slider, I wanted it dynamic, sturdy and light. A slider that can help me, as a documentary filmmaker, travel as I needed, yet be able to withstand a heavy payload when necessary. I went all over B&H and YouTube looking at technical specs for size, weight, and video reviews for each slider that I came across looking for the perfect one. It was quite frustrating not being able to find what I was looking for. As soon as I found a potential one, it ended up being a let down because of some of the reviews that I saw. After all my research, the edelkrone slider seemed to be a good choice. Some of the features that jumped out at me were it’s parallax feature, it’s small, compact and actually slides for twice it’s size and can also withstand payloads of about 30lbs, which is not too bad.



I was pretty much set in making my purchase when I am contacted by Rhino company, who specialize in manufacturing professional film gear. They wanted to hook me up with one of their famous carbon fiber sliders. Of course I was all over that. We struck a deal and about a week later I was receiving the slider with the Rhino Motion controller along with it. It was love at first sight. I could not believe how light, yet ridged this slider was. I began to analyze the build and ergonomics of this product and found that it was extremely well-made. Every single little piece has a significant purpose and rightfully placed. Not to mention the smoothness of the slider itself. It maneuvers on 5 wheels counter to each other. Although I is not as compact at the Edelkrone slider that I was originally going to purchase, I found that this 24” slider is actually not that bad for traveling. I am completely dumbfounded by how good this product is. Oh, and did I mention it has a 100lbs load capacity? I doubt I’ll ever have a 100 pound rig at hand, but it’s good to know that I never have to worry about that aspect.



Along with the sider came the Rhino Motion controller. It literally took me 2 minutes, from the time I unpacked the controller to the time I had the slider moving remotely. That’s what I love about this the most, the simplicity. The motion controller also gives you other options, which are simple to navigate through as well, such as the time-lapse feature, looping, and parallax motion (Rhino Arc needed).



Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the way things turned out. Not just because I received a free slider, but because I ended up getting the exact type of slider that I was initially looking for. I’m really appreciative with my new friends over at the Rhino Camera Gear company. They are truly great people producing amazing, and not to mention affordable, film gear. I completely, 110%, endorse their product.

Here are a couple of timelapse tests I shot with the Rhino Slider.

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