Slow motion, when used correctly, is an essential tool for creating beautiful films. One thing that I have found is extremely beautiful in certain videos is the use of slow motion shots. We have always seen them all over the place but often times we do not realize how effective they are at creating a completely different vide for your films. Even if you’re slowing down your shots by just 10%. A slight tough of slow motion in your videos will give your viewers a completely different feel when watching your films.

Keep in mind that proper audio use is also effective when using slow motion. It’d be sorta disturbing if you have a fast-paced song going on and your shots are running in slow motion. Perhaps in some rare occasion, depending on the type of feel that the director is going for, this might be acceptable. For example, a shot of a man walking down the street in slow motion with a sense of accomplishment to signify success, a good, fast-paced motivational piece might be used in that instance. That is just one of a few examples I can think of. Im sure there are many out there. But for the most part, slow and slow usually go well together. 

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