Ever since I got my GH5, I’ve been loving all over it. Maybe a little too much. Many have pointed that fact to me. I want this episode to balance out my praise of this camera. Of course there are issues to this camera, just like every other camera in the market. Here are a list of my issues with the Panasonic GH5.


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  1. The 10bit 422 on the GH5 will playback on VLC player. Give it a try. I do find it annoying that it wont playback on quicktime.

  2. Hey man, I have issues too with the GH5 and the 400mb iframe codec. It just is a pain to edit. Part of the reason I got the bmpcc4k wanted a better editing codec. The GH5 is an awesome camera tho just like every camera it just has ups and downs.

  3. Hi Ariel

    I’m pretty sure most (if not all) computers can’t playback 10 bit footage, hence why you’d have to put it into your editor to view it

    So maybe the clips you can’t view back are the 10 bit files

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